Alhambra Beauty College | COSMETOLOGY
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Alhambra Beauty College serves as a cosmetology school that helps students who wish to enter the hair care industry. Our cosmetology program is designed to prepare you for a career, giving you the experience and the confidence to become a professional. With many opportunities for hands-on training, you’ll gain the practice and the knowledge you need to succeed as a cosmetologist.

Here at this beauty school, we are dedicated to helping you succeed and achieve your goals in the beauty industry. Our class schedule is set up to give you the best access to the courses that you need, with a cosmetology instructor heading each course and imparting invaluable information. These beauty and hair care courses consist of hundreds of hours of technical instruction and practical operations that cover the skills and techniques that all cosmetologists should have in their arsenals prior to entering the field.

Alhambra Beauty College helps prepare students and ready them for employment in a range of specializations, including in positions as hairdresser, barber, manicurist and pedicurist, skin care technician, hair colorist, massage therapist, product demonstrator, and even salon manager or owner. Our classes will teach you everything you need to know to pursue a career in the position of your choice and assist you as you reach for your dream job in the beauty industry.

If you are contemplating a career in the industry and aren’t entirely sure where to begin, give us a call! We’re happy to answer any questions you may have and help you decide whether or not cosmetology school is the right choice for you.

If you know this is the path you wish to take, sign up today, and let us guide you down the path towards your future success as a cosmetologist.