Alhambra Beauty College | COSMETICIAN
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The Alhambra Beauty College Esthetician program is perfect for students who are interested in skin care and who have a passion for helping people. This skin care program teaches you to take care of your clients’ facial skin and maintain clear, healthy skin using a variety of different techniques and products. As a service-oriented student, you’ll learn about skin analysis, facials, exfoliation, and hair removal, and receive training on salon management.

A skin care specialist has many responsibilities, all of them focused on helping clients improve their facial skin and achieve better results through a range of methods and products. You will need to stay up to date on the current trends and discoveries and know which products work best for different skin types. By attending an esthetician school, you’ll gain knowledge on the structure of the skin, as well as disorders and professional treatment procedures.

Alhambra Beauty College offers a course that consists of six hundred hours of technical instruction and practical operations that cover all aspects of skin care, giving you the experience you need to become a professional make up artist and esthetician. This program helps you build a foundation that you can use to pursue a career in skin care, whether as a technician, a salon manager, a make up artist, or a product demonstrator.

This program is essential for those of you wishing to find a career in the beauty industry that focuses on skin care and make up application. Come in today, and get started on achieving your goal to become a professional esthetician.